Advanced Technology Studio

The emerging aesthetic and performance demands on the building skin represent a step change in what is expected of this definitive building system. Complex facade designs and surface geometry, thermal and acoustical performance, daylighting and glare control, energy efficiency and carbon emissions, dynamic shading systems, building integrated photovoltaics, new materials, increasingly challenging means-and-methods considerations, and facade integration with other building systems are among the considerations that increasingly accompany today’s building projects.

Diagram of emerging facade performance attributes.

Recognizing this, Enclos launched an initiative in 2009 to assemble a facade skunk works; a small multi-disciplinary team of designers and engineers with the mission of exploring — and ultimately defining — the future of the building skin. A small creative space was leased in downtown Los Angeles to house the team and their work, and we called it the Advanced Technology Studio of Enclos. Building on the success of the Studio concept, Enclos launched an east coast counterpart in New York City in late 2011.

The Mission

The Studio’s mission is supported by a two-pronged strategy.

Research + Development

First, a robust research and development agenda of facade related issues independent of commercial project work. The intent is to promote collaborative R&D and product development initiatives involving industry, profession and academy.

Insight, the publication of the Advanced Technology Studios of Enclos, showcases our commitment to furthering design development and experimentation.

Design Assist

Second, the provision of a refined design-assist capability as a collaborative service to our clients working on innovative projects involving advanced facade technologies. The latter has resulted in our involvement with leading design teams on many landmark projects incorporating unprecedented facade design and technology. The Studios’ Insight publication shares many of our design-assist stories with the AEC industry.

The work process of the Advanced Technology Studios is integrated with rapid visualization technologies that bring design concepts to physical form at record speed.

Rapid prototyping aids the Studios in concept development, communicating designs, and ensuring the accurate movement and adjustability of parts prior to fabrication.

The intent is to weave the Studios into the fabric of their local design communities, thereby providing a top-level technical resource devoted to the building skin for our many clients located within these communities.

Come Visit Us

Both Studios have each experienced a revolving door of visitors since their opening, and both are expanding in response to the influx of opportunities. In addition to local firms, design teams from across the nation have traveled to the Studios to collaborate on a wide variety of projects. Industry media has described the Advanced Technology Studios as “a facade think tank” and a “facade-centric, creative universe where teams of diverse professionals address the top concerns of the rapidly changing facade industry.”1 We invite you to visit us at either Studio location at your earliest convenience.

[1] Glass Magazine: A facade technology think tank. (2011, June).