Enclos Announces New York City Advanced Technology Studio

Monday, November 14, 2011
By Mic Patterson


Enclos launches east coast counterpart to mirror successful west coast operation

EAGAN, MN – November 9, 2011 – Building upon the success of our initial Los Angeles Studio concept, Enclos is excited to announce the opening of its second Advanced Technology Studio, located in New York City. The core east coast Studio team has already been assembled, and is currently operating from temporary quarters in Midtown Manhattan. Meanwhile, build-out is underway on a new Chelsea loft space on 25th Street, immediately adjacent to The High Line park. The 4,000 square foot facility will act as an open-door resource providing design-assist facade services to project design teams in the local community. The firm expects to occupy the new loft space shortly after the first of the year.

“The intent,” says Mic Patterson, director of strategic development, who works from the Advanced Technology Studio, “is to weave the new Studio into the fabric of the Manhattan design community, thereby providing a top level technical resource devoted to the building skin for our many clients located out east. The Los Angeles Studio has experienced a revolving door of visitors since opening in 2009, and we expect a great many more at the Manhattan Studio.”

In 2009 Enclos assembled a skunk works; a small multidisciplinary dream team of designers and engineers with the mission of exploring — and ultimately defining — the future of the building skin. A small studio space was leased in downtown Los Angeles to house the team and their work, with the firm calling it the Advanced Technology Studio. The mission was supported by a two-pronged strategy: one, a robust R&D agenda of facade related issues independent of construction project work, and two, the provision of a highly technical design-assist capability as a service to our clients with innovative projects involving advanced facade technology.

The emerging aesthetic and performance demands on the building facade represent a step change in what is expected of this building system. Complex facade designs and surface geometry, thermal and acoustical performance, daylighting and glare control, energy efficiency and carbon emissions, building integrated photovoltaics, new materials, increasingly challenging means and methods considerations, and facade integration with other building systems are among the considerations that increasingly accompany today’s building projects.

Enclos is a leading facade technology firm, providing comprehensive design, engineering and strategic implementation services for custom facades and curtainwall cladding systems. With over 350 people and 16 office locations, the firm self-performs a spectrum of services and manages a sophisticated global supply chain, a strategy that optimizes capacity, quality and economy for its diverse client base. Enclos has been a leader in facade system development since the advent of contemporary curtainwall systems in the mid twentieth century, and is consistently ranked as a leading facade contractor in national industry surveys today. Many of the most prominent buildings in the world’s great cities showcase Enclos’ innovative approach to engineering and construction.

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