The Art of Steel | Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Interested in steel fabrication? AESS is an important specification tool in the realization of highly crafted steel fabrication, and is often used with exposed structural systems in the building facade. Enclos’ vendor/partner TrussWorks International (TWI) is featuring a video on their company Facebook page about their AESS work. The video was filmed and edited by Enclos’ own Mic Patterson while we were in joint pursuit of a recent project opportunity with TWI. The video places viewers inside TWI’s Anaheim facility where AESS is crafted and created. It’s here that sparks fly and we find the Art of Steel.

Enclos has designed and provided many AESS structures as part of its custom facade work while working alongside sub-contractors such as TWI — one of the many vendor/partners that has helped make Enclos the visible difference amongst specialty contractors nationwide. We understand the demanding design, fabrication, assembly and installation requirements involved in the successful implementation of this unique specification, and we welcome the chance to bring this valuable capability to a jobsite near you.

Featured Enclos AESS projects include:

The video can be seen here, or on the Trussworks International Facebook page.