Enclos sponsors Facades Design & Delivery summit

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guests of Enclos can receive 20% off the standard all access price. Contact Samara at 212-885-2738 (provide code: FACEN) for details. The conference brochure — which includes a listing of facade topics to be discussed — can be found here.

Speakers include:

  • Tim Macfarlane | Design Partner, DEWHURST MACFARLANE AND PARTNERS
  • Dirk Meyer | Architect - Office of the Chief Architect,
  • Mark Slymen | Director of Sustainability,
  • Chris Macey | Group CEO of Wintech Facade Engineering and Vice Chairman of the Society of Facade Engineers, London
  • Michael Ytterberg |
  • Neil McClelland | Principal, Façade Engineer, ARUP

We at Enclos are absolutely passionate about the building skin. No other building system effects both performance and aesthetics as does the skin. With the escalating demands for enhanced performance, combined with an evolving aesthetic embracing increasing geometric complexity, advanced façade technology is amongst the most exciting and challenging field in all the building arts. Never has the façade practitioner been confronted with more performance related considerations, ranging from thermal to acoustical and daylighting. On the flip side, never before has there been such a bewildering array of new tools, products and materials available as potential solutions to these considerations. Most importantly, never before has there been more at stake in developing optimum solutions for the building envelope. It is imperative that we as an industry educate our clients about this vital building component. To do this as an industry and as individuals, we must mind our own education.

It is in this spirit that Enclos has committed support to this important façade conference. We hope that you will be able to join us in this celebration of the building skin.