Gregg Sage, President

Our Future

A message from the President of Enclos

Our work at Enclos is vital; it shapes the appearance of cities and provides comfort and protection to countless people. There is value in us stepping back from time to time to consider the past and the future, where we have been and where we are going. This we do regularly.

Our Crystal Ball

We are fortunate in having our own crystal ball, or a means of anticipating our future. We find it by looking back and contemplating where we have been, because to a very large measure our past is our future. The roots of Enclos extend back to the advent of curtainwall technology in the mid twentieth century. We were involved then, as we are now and will be into the future, in the development and application of advanced facade technology.

Our trajectory into the future will be true to our past. We will continue to lead the development and application of advanced exterior wall technology. In the face of escalating performance demands on the building skin, our commitment to the built environment is more important than ever. We are responding with a research and development initiative that will assure our technical and operational leadership throughout the challenging decades to come.

More than anything else, we recognize that Enclos has always been about its people, the many people that have been involved in these building endeavors over the years, people that stand as distinctively as the buildings we clad. Building these monumental works requires a team of dedicated and committed people, and this has always been the key to our success. The best people in the business build the best facades in the world.

There is a special breed of extraordinary people out there who find their passion, their fulfillment and their career in the realm of the building skin. You will find these people now, as you have in the past and will continue into the future, at Enclos.

Our future is our people!