Safety: A Core Cultural Value

The most valued asset at Enclos is our people, and nothing is more important than providing them a safe environment in which to work. The health and safety of our people is beyond a priority for us, it is a core value deeply rooted in our culture and reflected in every aspect of operations. It is an all-pervasive mindset that embeds considerations of workplace safety, employee wellbeing, and environmental protection in every employee action. Our goal is nothing short of zero incidents on all of our worksites each and every day. We believe that such performance is achievable with the uncompromising commitment and diligence of every Enclos employee in everything we do.

Jobsite Safety

The biggest challenge for any construction company is the work that takes place on the jobsite, and it is on this demanding playing field that Enclos most clearly differentiates itself. In addition to training our people in the discipline of relentless diligence as a means to optimum operational safety, we fine-tune our planning, strategies and tactics to the unique requirements of each individual facade building project we undertake. We have developed a unique expertise over decades of experience in cladding some of the most challenging building projects ever constructed. This experience has been documented in a concise compilation of best practices with respect to the operational safety of custom facade system installation, yet we know that each project presents a unique scenario to be analyzed and potential challenges anticipated. Drawing upon this deep accumulation of experience, we craft a custom safety plan in direct response to each specific project context.

Means and Methods Site Safety Plan

A Means and Methods Installation Plan specifically crafted for each project undertaken by Enclos is accompanied by a separate Site Safety Plan. This plan details the measures and practices that will be instituted to assure site safety throughout our facade installation activities. The compilation of the Site Safety Plan is a well known choreographed process among site operations managers, a process in which every site activity is identified and assessed for safety risk. Specific strategy is detailed to mitigate risk, and personal protective practices and equipment are specified.

A Living Document

Our Site Safety Plan is no 300-page tome that is quickly parked on a top shelf to gather dust. It is a concise document that is constantly referenced and utilized in lockstep with our other site planning documents. The practices, methods and procedures detailed within are fully integrated into our daily activities.

The Measure of Safety

Most of us know by now that what gets measured is what gets done. Enclos has gone to extraordinary lengths to document all aspects of performance with respect to safety, and to use this as feedback to our operations groups. In addition, all of our people are fully aware that safe practice is among the top criteria when it comes to project and personal performance evaluation.

Striving for Perfection: Mission ZERO

Uncompromising commitment requires continuous renewal, and in 2010 Enclos launched Mission ZERO, an aggressive safety campaign that puts a fresh face on our commitment to an incident-free work environment and focus of zero injuries. The campaign is symbolic of the Enclos safe-practices culture — a culture that is based on the belief that every incident and injury is preventable — coupled with the commitment to make it so.

The Five-point Plan for Mission Zero at Enclos Corp

The tenants of Mission Zero are embodied in the following five commitments:

  1. Communicate the Mission ZERO goal throughout Enclos as a core value. Safety culture begins at new-hire orientation and continues through daily and weekly huddles, and ongoing training and re-training programs.
  2. Instill safety discipline in an effort to continually reduce accidents, injuries, and near misses. The Mission ZERO Goal is a worksite that is incident and injury free in every task, every day.
  3. Empower Enclos employees to develop, maintain, and disseminate an incident free way of thinking on their worksite.
  4. Ensure that our commitment to safety and health is reflected in day-to-day operations at all levels.
  5. Demonstrate continuous improvement in health and safety performance, and establish recognized leadership in safety performance among our employees, customers, partners, subcontractors, suppliers, and the communities in which we work.