Join the Team of Enclos

All of us at Enclos carry passions for the broad arena of the building arts: architecture, engineering and construction. This is our global area of interest. But what gets our minds and hearts racing — and where we have found our careers — is the building skin; no building system affects both the aesthetics and performance of a building as does the skin. We know beyond any doubt that the building envelope is far and away the coolest component of architecture, and it is in this pursuit that we choose to immerse ourselves. We are the Facade Fanatics! Whether your interest is high design, advanced engineering, building information modeling or construction management, the opportunity for deep experience awaits you in the realm of the building skin.

In no place is this realm more manifest than at Enclos. Our roots extend back to the advent of contemporary curtainwall technology in the mid-twentieth century. We have participated in many of the most challenging building projects ever undertaken, and many landmarks that stand as the tallest buildings of their time. From our past work on the World Trade Center towers, Sears Tower, Petronas Towers, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, to our imprint on the 21st century with MGM’s CityCenter, Gates Foundation Headquarters, and industry redefining 1450 Brickell, Enclos has maintained it’s position as the premier building skin provider. Our involvement with equally as exciting projects is ongoing: the strongest, the largest, the tallest, the most complex, and you will find them all in our online project database.

We Build What We Design

Enclos is the place for those not content merely to design the facade, or those unwilling to work solely on the build side with no influence on the appearance of a building. As a design-build company, Enclos operations incorporate the full spectrum of building process from design and engineering to fabrication, assembly and erection. We build what we design, and there is simply no greater thrill than that.

Diverse Office and Project Locations

Join Enclos and see the world! We have offices scattered about the US, and jobsite offices in many more locations. For people interested in travel and experiencing diverse lifestyles, the many work locations in which we operate can provide exciting opportunities.

Compensation and Benefits

All of this great opportunity and experience, and we get paid for doing it! Seriously, our compensation and benefits packages are among the best in the industry. We are after only the best and brightest, and we know that in order to get you, we must provide you with both opportunity and reward.


We manage an ongoing internship program. Many of our interns graduate to full time positions in the firm. Intern positions include design, engineering and construction management. If you are interested in an internship, please email us a resume to stating your interest.

Vocational Programs

Enclos actively contributes to the many communities in which we work by supporting different vocational programs and community groups.  We're proud of our ongoing affiliations and our efforts to hire and retain a diverse workforce.

The Greatest Place in the World to Work

Come and join us in making Enclos the most exciting, fun and rewarding place to work in the entire AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry. Check the current job postings, but do not hesitate to send us a resume regardless, with a cover letter stating your intent. We are, after all, always on the lookout for the best and the brightest.