Enclos University

As technologies and system types continue to grow at an unprecedented rate throughout the construction industry, Enclos recognized the value in creating an atmosphere for our firm’s employees to expand their knowledge and understanding of our business. In doing so, Enclos acted as the first company in the curtainwall industry to create a corporate university. Enclos University consists of five functional areas:

  1. Training

    University curriculum balances a combination of live, on-site and electronic learning experiences. Coursework is prepared by a combination of Enclos employees, Enclos suppliers and customers, traditional education providers (business and technical schools), and outside groups that provide training in specialized subject areas (such as OSHA safety training). Each represents a particular expertise within our industry.

  2. Knowledge Management

    The University will promote identification and improvement upon Enclos’ best practices. A large component of the university’s vision is to initiate these improvements and facilitate the sharing of this knowledge.

  3. Research & Development

    R&D has always played a role in Enclos’ history. However, like much of the construction marketplace, research and development has largely taken place in context of individual projects. The University insures an outlet for long-term, centralized visions that facilitate the growth of innovation throughout the firm.

  4. Wisdom Management

    The idea of Wisdom Management stands in contrast to Knowledge Management. While knowledge is defined by familiarity or understanding gained through experience or study, wisdom is the practical application of this knowledge.

  5. SOAR

    Qualify for our novel SOAR training program and be catapulted into an elite group with broad based hands-on experience, ranging through all operational segments of design and engineering to fabrication and the building site.

With Enclos University, the firm continues to build upon its already established culture of excellence. The University’s numerous teaching methodologies, heightened efficiency and evolving innovations secure a future with Enclos providing “the visible difference” in facade contracting.