Enclos’ expertise of engineered-to-order building facade systems ranges from custom curtainwall applications to the latest in transparently expressive structural glass facade enclosures. Our in-house team of designers, engineers and builders provide state-of-the-art solutions to the increasing aesthetic and performance demands placed upon the building skin. Performance considerations include acoustical treatment, blast security, impact resistance, thermal performance and much, much more.

Custom Curtainwall Systems

Enclos offers the most innovative curtainwall systems in the marketplace, combining aesthetic, performance and economic considerations into optimum solutions. Our inventive unitized systems have evolved through their application on numerous major building projects to represent the state-of-the-art in curtainwall technology and performance. Sophisticated system design features and installation methods have paralleled this evolution, resulting in improved economy as well as superior performance.

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Acoustical Performance

The decision on what facade concept to employ for building construction is usually dictated by the aesthetic and thermal requirements of the building program. However, with the recent environmental noise pollution concerns and the growth in construction of high-rise residential condominiums in noisy urban areas, prescribed acoustic requirements have become more prevalent in the design of building envelopes.

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Facade Security

Security issues represent one aspect of the increasing demands being placed upon the building skin. Burglary, bullets, bombs, and Mother Nature’s missiles (windborne debris resulting from hurricane winds) all represent an escalating threat to the building envelope. The Enclos team continues to play a leading role in the development and application of risk-mitigating facade technology with respect to security issues.

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Green and Sustainable

The building skin affects both the appearance and performance of a building like no other building system Facade and curtainwall systems are thus of paramount importance when considering issues of green building and sustainable design. We at Enclos understand the importance of leading the effort to improve the performance and sustainability of the building envelope, and we commit ourselves to supporting the design team in their sustainable design efforts.

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Structural Glass Facades

The integration of glass and structure is a predominant attribute of this expressive building form, often employed to maximize transparency in large public spaces. Enclos has played a leadership role in the development and application of this cutting-edge technology, with a range of structure types including cable trusses, cable nets, grid shells and glass structures.

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