Research + Development

Providing technically superior exterior wall systems at competitive prices is a core commitment to our clients. We achieve this through a progressive research and development program that refines our core systems and yields new designs with improved performance attributes. The bulk of the current R&D program falls within the following categories.

Thermal Performance

Rising energy costs and the performance of our built environment have become predominant concerns. While the thermal performance of a curtainwall building skin is primarily dictated by the thermal properties of the glass makeup or panel cladding material, Enclos has focused its R&D effort on the performance of the framing system to determine its behavior and identify opportunities for improvement. The result has been thermal enhancements to existing systems as well as the development of premium systems with improved thermal performance.

In addition, our project portfolio includes innovative double-skin facades and cavity wall systems featuring the state-of-the-art in energy performance. We have in-house mechanical engineering capability and computational fluid dynamic analytical technology to assist in the design of these advanced wall and enclosure systems.

Acoustical Performance

We have recently crossed an important threshold in the evolution of civilization: for the first time in history the majority of earth’s people reside within our urban cities. This is reflected by increasing density and evidenced by the surge in residential towers around the world. However, this progression presents its own set of challenges, prime amongst them escalating noise pollution. Acoustical performance has emerged as a growing concern among owners, developers, architects and building occupants in urban habitats.

In recognition of this, Enclos launched an R&D initiative intended to identify the key variables in the acoustical performance of its facade and curtainwall systems. The program involved testing inter-story as well as outside-to-inside acoustical behavior, and has resulted in refinements to basic systems as well as new premium curtainwall framing systems with superior acoustical performance. Results from this initiative are available upon request.

New System Development

Enclos facade systems have proven their performance in mockups for hundreds of custom built applications. However, increasing urban density, rising fuel costs, and climate change are putting escalating demands on the performance of the building skin beyond traditional water penetration and air infiltration. Anticipating this trend, Enclos has been hard at work developing new facade and curtainwall systems with improved behavior in all key areas of performance. We are confident that we can and will continue to provide technically superior systems at competitive prices.

Testing + Prototyping

Increasingly, custom building facade designs require some program of mockup testing. Be it visual or performance based, these activities have been integral to Enclos' success on many industry leading systems and technologies: blast-resistant facades, impact-resistant (hurricane) facades, acoustical performance and thermal performance, and many, many others.

Enclos operates its own in-house testing facility, augmented by several major certified testing facilities across the nation when special capabilities and/or independent confirmation of performance is required.