SAP American Headquarters

Newton Square, PA

Close Up

  • Owner/Developer

    SAP Americas

  • Architect

    Kling Stubbins

  • GC

    Gilbane Building Company

  • Completion


  • Building Type


  • Program

    3 stories (32ft), 410,000 sqft

  • Fa├žade Area

    Design/build program including custom glass curtainwall and a 1,000 ft clear-span atrium with custom glass and AESS enclosure system

  • Glass

    Monolithic and 1 inch insulated units with low-e coating




  • Achievement Award: Private Project More Than $100 Million, Construction Management Association of America, 2000


Newton Square represents the first major construction project that European-based SAP has undertaken. The stateside home of the third largest computer software company in the world marks the first building that the company has owned. An expansive 1,000 foot atrium clear-spans the building’s three main floors, incorporating the entrance lobby, conference rooms and auditorium. The atrium also provides expansive views of the site’s surrounding topography.

Building designs were selected to brand the computer software giant. SAP’s highly transparent glass enclosure was chosen to mimic the groundbreaking technologies developed within its walls, while its geometric, curvilinear designs reflect the natural landscape surrounding the campus.

SAP’s designated occupancy date demanded an aggressive build schedule. Only one month was given from site selection to construction start, and an expedited schedule required that a typical build process of two years be consolidated within an 18 month timeframe. Coordination between trades was essential throughout the process. Shop drawings and designs were made simultaneously, and renderings were used for bid packages and contractor selection. Curtainwall was manufactured off-site simultaneously as the post tensioned concrete structure was being built. The Enclos site operations team completed its work on time.