Ronald Reagan State Office Building

Los Angeles, CA

Close Up

  • Owner/Developer

    State of California

  • Architect

    Welton Becket + Associates

  • GC

    Tishman Construction

  • Completion


  • Building Type


  • Program

    19 stories (205ft), 875,000 sqft

  • Façade Area

    Granite and glass window wall with integral light shelf designed to bounce daylight into interior; atrium with glass-clad space truss roof

  • Glass

    Insulated glass units




Enclos has a long history of involvement with government projects ranging from federal and state to county and city jurisdictions. These projects often include more demanding design and performance requirements than conventional office buildings. Energy efficiency, acoustic behavior, and security issues increasingly join comfort as the predominant performance objectives of these sophisticated building programs.

The Enclos design team worked with local ​Los Angeles architect Welton Becket + Associates to develop a facade program for this tower complex. The design included an enclosed atrium with a long-span space truss roof entirely clad in glass. The operable window wall system was assembled in a nearby fabrication plant. Completed units were shipped to the site as needed by the Enclos field operations crews.