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SkinTec September 2014 Enclos
Material Explorations: Surface Articulation and the Fabrication Process

Sculptural Skins | Architectural Record discusses digital fabrication, craft and complex building envelopes.
Curtainwall: Metaphor or Transmaterialization? | The influence of hanging textiles on modern curtainwall design.
Fulton Center | Sneak peak of the Grimshaw & James Carpenter designed transit hub in New York City.
What is Facades+.

Glasstec Greenbuild International Conference & Expo Pacific Building Trade Expo Facades+

2014 National Organization of Minority Architects Conference Building Envelope Technology Symposium Glasstec SEAOI 2014 Structures Symposium Greenbuild International Conference & Expo ACADIA Pacific Building Trade Expo Advanced Building Skins Conference World SB14 Barcelona Conference Facades+ Facades+ AM Venice Biennale: 14th International Architecture Exhibition GlassExpo 2014 Glasstech Asia 2014

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