Insight 04

In this fourth edition of Insight, the Studio’s multi-disciplinary teams investigate six over-arching themes of complexity, delivery, environmental, material, performance and process — all forces that continue to propel the facade industry forward. 

Print edition available upon request:​

Chapter 1 | Building Complexity: Design Approach Behind A Prefabricated Double-Curved Facade
A unique design approach on a complex curved facade.
Chapter 2 | Novel Uses of Metrology on Geometrically Complex Facades
Laser tracking technology implementation for quality control efforts.
Chapter 3 | Parametric Workflows for Complex Enclosure Structures
Support of parametric workflows throughout the design and delivery of elaborate enclosures.
Chapter 4 | A Visual Breakdown of the Flying Gantry Animation
A three-dimensional animation approach to jobsite assistance equipment in motion.
Chapter 5 | Sustainable Approach to Unitized Curtainwall Packaging Design
Optimized bunk designs for effective and efficient unit storage and transport.
Chapter 6 | 3D Printed Parts For Engineering and Operations Applications
Integration of full-scale 3D printed prototypes across interdisciplinary groups.
Chapter 7 | From Billet to Building
Experience the process of curtainwall unit fabrication, assembly and installation.
Chapter 8 | Evaluating Interior Night Light Exfiltration Through Commercial Building Facades
An analysis of light exfiltration through commercial building envelopes.
Chapter 9 | Towards A Passive House Curtainwall
Adaptation of Passive House principles for energy efficient structures.
Chapter 10 | Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel Facades
Aesthetic placement and installation of structural steel components on facades.
Chapter 11 | Emerging Material Applications
Exploring a vast array of material applications that align with the design intent.
Chapter 12 | Maximizing the Twist of Cold Formed Glazing
Pushing the boundaries of controlled variables to obtain cold formed glass.
Chapter 13 | Simulation-Based Determination of Pressure Coefficients for Multi-Story Double-Skin Facades
An analysis of various airflow configurations of multi-story double-skin facades.
Chapter 14 | The Significance of the Wireframe: A Discussion of Cost Drivers for Modular Curtainwall Construction
An in-depth review of the factors that drive curtainwall costs.
Chapter 15 | Visual Storytelling: Show Don't Tell
How implementation of 3D animations for construction previsualization promotes better decision making.